ODAC Race Committee Recruitment

Hi Everyone! Are you tired of studying and looking for a new experience? Are you interested in making new friends and gaining some event planning experience? Fret not! NUS ODAC’s annual flagship event is back! Held during the summer break, RACE is a thrilling 2D1N competition around Singapore. We are currently looking for hardworking and…

AGM 2018

Last Friday on the 14th of September, ODAC held its Annual General Meeting that sees us bidding farewell to the 33rd ODAC Exco and welcome the new batch of students into the 34th Executive Committee. It was a wonderful evening of good food, intense campaign speeches and laughter filled the room as members of the 33rd Exco shared…

OLIS 3 in 1 Deal

Can’t decide what to join? Why not sign up for all 3! Enjoy special discounted rates and freebies for all when you sign up for all of our OLIS events! Grab a friend or 2, and strap yourselves in for a wild ride as we take you through 3 consecutive action-packed weekends of activities. Hurry…

Camp Have U-Bin

Where have U Bin all this while before Camp U-Bin? Guessing where we’ll be Cam Pin? Look forward to an action packed weekend with us as we cycle off the beaten trail on the 8th and 9th of September for that last bit of enjoyment before school sets in. Don’t let this chance go to…


Are you ready to have a bell of a time? Ring up all your friends and join us for bell boating! Enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of Marina Bay like never before as we cruise through the belly of the reservoir, on 1st September from 9am to 12.30pm. Hurry along and sign up now!

I Kin’t Even

Keen to play ball? Come over for a spot of Kinball! This exciting new sport is sure to leave you bouncing in joy, and keen for more! Join us on 25/8 from 9am-12pm for a fun-filled morning, and leave with a bunch of keen kinball kin! Sign up now!

34th EXCO Recruitment

WE ARE RECRUITING: Itching to get your own slice of the action? Bring your love of fun and adventure with you and join the 34th Exco! Find out more in this application form, and pop by our Welcome Tea if you have any queries. Applications for all positions are now OPEN, and don’t forget to…

Welcome Tea

Hey adventurers! Looking for the next great thrill to break the monotony of school life? Come check out NUS ODAC, where we’ll break your boundaries and explore uncharted waters together! From cliff diving to paintball, we’ve done it all. Join us for our welcome tea on 23rd August, 7-8pm at LT29 to find out more!


Looking for some excitement to your summer holiday? NUS ODAC has a suite of activities lined up for you! July: GO FUN NGAN Join us a short getaway to Ko Pha Ngan from 24 to 29 July! Journey to Thailand with NUS ODAC for an unforgettable adventure as we dive with the whale sharks, zipline down…


Ever felt that you have not enjoyed yourself much in this semester? Was it because you have no idea what activities to join? Or was it simply because you were too busy and missed out on the good deals that NUS ODAC provides? Well… Surf You Right! At just $24 (member)/$30 (non-member), experience the fun…

Bubble Soccer!

Welcome back to school! Are you looking for some fun after class but has no idea what to do? Or are you looking to make new friends in this new semester? NUS Office of Student Affairs and NUS ODAC have come together to start your semester right! Please click the link here to sign up !


Cease fire!!! Thank you guys for coming for PAINTEMONIUM! We had lots of fun shooting at one another! Here is the highlight of the event!