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Let NUS ODAC fill your holidays with phenomenal joy.

Enjoy unparalleled experiences filled with heart-stopping adventures as we travel to various countries to challenge our boundaries.

Let NUS ODAC add some colors into your monotonous school life.

Join us on our weekend adventures and recharge yourself to fight Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday/any-school-day blues!

Let NUS ODAC give you the chance to explore the daring and adventurous side of you.

Always wanted to try different types of outdoor activities? Interested in some activity but can’t find friends to go with? Join us! Meet amazing people and form unforgettable, extraordinary memories.

As a member, you can receive up to $6 off our trips and events.

Not only that, as a honorary member, you get to enjoy discounts with our lists of sponsors! Get your quality adventure gear at a discounted price!

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*Membership fee is a one-time charge of $10 and is valid throughout your lifetime in NUS.

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