AGM 2019

The 34th ODAC exco has officially stepped down. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the 34th ODAC exco for all the time and effort they have invested over the past year to make sure that every single event planned was successful! We would also like to thank all the members and participants of NUSODAC for their continuous support over the past years ☺ It’s now time for the new batch of ODAC exco members to create their own legacy!⠀

Presenting to you the 35th Executive Committee:⠀

President: Sim Jun You⠀
Vice President: Kaveen⠀
Treasurer: Chua Xin Tong, Chelsea⠀
Honorary General Secretary: Lim Hwee Voon⠀
Assistant Honorary General Secretary: Karys Lam⠀
Organising Secretary: Wang Yang Yi⠀
PR Secretary: Serene Lim Tze Shin⠀
Publications Secretary: Amanda Tan Xuan Si⠀
Assistant Publications Secretary: Ang Rui Xuan⠀
Quartermaster: Rianne Lim Ee Shyuan⠀
Assistant Quartermaster: Shirlyn Tan⠀
Marketing Head: Chiang Jia Jun⠀⠀
RACE PD: Douglas Tan⠀
RACE VPD: Ren Yuling