NUSODAC’s first local event of 2017 is aptly named SEAS THE DAY, a one-day sailing event at the National Sailing Centre.

Participants were thrown into a crash course covering the basic sailing techniques, and were taught how to get the sail boat up and ready for the seas! From jargons like “tiller”, “main sails”, and learning how to recover from a capsize, we successfully managed to get all the information in our heads and start sailing proper!

Though there was some rain, we got to do our sailing in the end and it was AWESOME! Learning how to coordinate the steering and manning the sails took some time before it made intuitive sense, but everyone got back safe and satisfied that we finally got the hang of it after all that practice!

We would like to thank the participants for their patience even with the unfortunate weather that took some sail time away, and also for their wonderful spirit and energy out at sea! This definitely fulfilled our idea of “sea-zing the day”!

Organized by: Alicia Goh Sze Ying and Amayniah Tan Zhou Hui