Oh Bali Bali!

We hope you have had a good winter break, we certainly have! The NUSODAC family took a quick trip from the 2-7 January just before school started to the amazing Bali…….. The weather was in our favour and we were blessed with clear and sunny skies, perfect for the activities that our organisers so meticulously planned for us. The next few days were full of fun. We took part in all sorts of outdoor activity imaginable.

Banana boats, white water rafting, canyoning, diving in the Tulamben shipwreck, and even ascending to the peak of Mount Batur! HELL YEAH WE DID EVERYTHING.

NUSODAC definitely has brought outdoor to a whole new level with this trip jam-packed with so many outdoor activities every single day. We could all safely say that Oh Bali Bali has went beyond everyone’s expectations for the trip and the schedule could definitely give other travel tours a run for their money!

We would like to thank Jenn Yeong and Dawn Tan for their incredible planning and also to all the participants for their enthusiasm throughout the trip. Oh Bali Bali has not only allowed many of us to experience a new side to the outdoors, the trip has also given us a new family! We hope to see more of you in our future ODAC events, and do look out for our next overseas trip in the May-July break!




For an acrophobic like me, canyoning was a very challenging segment of the Bali trip. Entrusting my life to a piece of rope wasn’t exactly my idea of fun. Still I did it anyway and I’m grateful for such an experience! The abseiling and the cliff jumps got higher and higher and it’s probably the scariest thing I’ve done for the past couple of years. However, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the accomplishment! I can definitely say canyoning was a significant achievement for me personally. I’d never have thought that I could jump off a 10m waterfall.  Discovering myself and pushing my boundaries was definitely what ODAC brought to the plate for me. Fantastic experience!

-Shiuan Kae, Year 3 EEE Student

This is my first time visiting Bali and I must say I’m really very impressed by the activities that the 32nd exco planned for us! I love the canyoning especially!!! It’s something that all outdoor lovers should try at least once in their life. Hope to go for more exciting trips in the future!

-Siew Yi, Year 3 Chemical Engineering Student

When first presented with the opportunity to organise an overseas trip to Bali for ODAC, I was thrilled yet afraid. Variety and exposure were what we were aiming for and I dare say we nailed it! It was a lot of work planning the trip while ensuring everyone’s safety but I am proud to say we pulled it off rather well. For me, the finale night was most memorable with the company of a setting sun and a talented crew of singers! Whoever said the Balinese can’t sing your Chinese pop songs?

-Jenn Yeong, 32nd Exco Member